How can I transfer data from created books to a new computer?

On the new computer, install Bontia Studio.

Then copy from your old computer the content of the folder % appdata% \ Exec \ (just simply copy this universal link to the “File Explorer”) you´ll find folder PHOBO with your books .

Now replace with the old folder PHOBO the same named empty PHOBO, which is in your new computer in % appdata% \ Exec \ (this new empty folder PHOBO in the new computer has been created automatically when installing Bontia Studio and you now replace it with the old one containing your books).

The way in Windows XP is:

c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application data\Exec\

NOTE: If you have the Copy Images to Book setting turned off in old computer Bontia Studio, you have to copy them again to your new computer. If you didn´t turned them off, then you have them in the transferred file PHOBO with your books.

ATTENTION! You cannot merge folder content. Old folder content (provided it exists) will be overwritten by new content.
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  • 01-Jun-2018