What can I do if I can’t upload data?

Turn off your firewall, anti-virus system and proxy server. These programs sometimes block communications with our servers.

How to turn off your firewall

  • Windows XP: Start -> Control Panel (must select view by category) Security Center. More HERE.
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10: Start -> Control Panel (select view by category) -> System and Security -> Windows firewall -> Turn firewall on or off. More HERE.

Examples of how to turn off proxy server in browsers

  • Internet Explorer – Tools –> Internet Options –> Connection –> Local network –> uncheck box below "Server proxy"
  • Google Chrome – Tools (the icon is a key) -> Options –> Under the hood –> Network and click on change proxy settings –> Local Area Network change settings -> uncheck the "Server proxy" box
  • Mozilla Firefox - Click on the Firefox tab in the top left corner, then click on Options, go to the Advanced tab, then Network tab, under Connection click on Settings, and select No proxy, click OK.
  • Opera – Tools, and then Preferences, open the Advanced tab and select the Network sub-category, click the Proxy Servers button, remove proxy information from all fields, click OK.
If adjusting these settings doesn't help, contact us.
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  • 30-Sep-2016